Spanish Fiesta: Day 2 (Malaga, Nerja)

Next day we woke up in Malaga, a seaside town with a big port. It was very humid as you can expect but the weather improved as the day progressed.



We started with some information gathering from our hostel staff and consulted our guidebook to find out the things to do here. We went to the Malaga fort to start with. Malaga fort was at a peak with panoramic views of the city and the port.

This was a strategic fort, being an important port in the middle ages and during the Moorish era. We roamed around the fort and watched the city in panoramic view.


Chirag at Malaga Fort


Malaga Port

I am from Rajasthan, India and that is the land of palaces and forts and I have seen grandeur and spectacular forts, so I was not very much impressed by the fort.

It was time for breakfast, the Spanish way, a little late than usual. We parked the car in one of the parking spot in the city (which was difficult to find) and started our stroll down the narrow and cobbled streets in the city. I must say, that is the best way to explore any city. You find many interesting and amusing things while strolling.


Narrow street in Malaga

After having breakfast, we headed to the cathedral in the city. This was a much bigger one than the one in Murcia. We three amigos went inside and were admiring the beauty of the paintings and ceiling of the cathedral.

As my friend Parikshit and I were in the back of the church in the courtyard, we heard something big dropped on the floor inside and then someone running around quickly as if to deny that he was the culprit. It was Chirag who did that. He dropped the water bottle and sneaked away leaving the floor wet and slippery. Parikshit went to alert someone who started putting newspapers to clean up.



After this funny incident inside the cathedral we continued our walk in the narrow streets and saw many souvenirs shops.

Life in Spain is quite relaxed; people do not rush for anything.

Or may be it was just us as tourists looking at other tourists and thinking like this. We purchased few things from the shops and moved ahead to our next destination, Cordoba.

However, we decided to do a few pit stops at two beaches during the afternoon, to relax a bit and soak ourselves in cool seawater in that heat.


City Beach

First one was near the city and quite popular as we could see with the number of cars battling for parking space. We parked a little far from the beach and decided to walk. It was quite hot and water was clean and inviting as usual.


City Beach


City Beach

But we decided not to go in, since one of my Spanish friends Natalia suggested another beach nearby called Nerja. We started after sometime for Nerja, even though it was in opposite direction to Cordoba. Nerja was supposed to be the best beach on southern coast as per Natalia. And boy it was. Clear blue water, long stretch of sandy beach and shining sun, what more could we ask for. We quickly changed to shorts and jumped in the water. There were so many people doing all sorts of water activities- diving, swimming, snorkelling, volleyball, you name it. We spend the whole afternoon at the beach, had lunch and relaxed for a while. That was truly one of the best afternoons of our trip.

We headed to Cordoba afterwards, taking some cool pictures along the way.


On the way to Cordoba


Cool pic


Cool pic


Cool pic

The interesting thing was that we did not book any hotel in Cordoba, since this was supposed to be our camping night. However, we could not find a suitable place to camp in the jungle. So, we decided to stay in a hotel after all. I could book a hotel on the phone but finding it was a real challenge. It was situated in the middle of the old town.


Cordoba Bridge

Cordoba, at one point of time was the biggest cities in the world. With maze like streets and dark hour combined with our limited knowledge of Spanish, finding the hotel proved to be very difficult. Parikshit parked the car outside the old town and Chirag and I started searching for the hotel. It did not take long for us to be lost in the city. But, boy it was worth it. I felt that we were in old times with slow pace of life and narrow streets. Finally, we found the hotel.


Narrow street of Cordoba

Next challenge was to find Parikshit who finished parking the car quite far away from hotel. After much effort, we could find him and had dinner. The hotel itself was quite Moorish in its style; the name was ‘Lunes de Baghdad’. It was more of a Bed and Breakfast. We were tired and called it a day to continue on Day 3.

Some pics in this post were clicked by: Parikshit, Chirag

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