Spanish Fiesta: Day 4 (Madrid, Valencia)

After a night of heavy drinking, we needed a good breakfast. So we got ready and went to a nearby café from our hostel. Had a good hearty breakfast and prepared ourselves for yet another exciting day.

We drove on Gran via, to ‘Palacio de Cibeles’, via ‘Fuente De Neptuno’ to ‘Parque de El Retiro’. I was quite impressed by the big fountains on the roundabouts in Madrid. I guess they serve their purpose to give an opulent look to the city.

‘El retiro’ was a big park in the centre of the city and quite popular among tourists. Since we were a little hungover, we decided to spend some time relaxing in the greenery of the park and recover.


Retiring in El retiro

There was a big pond in the centre with ‘Monumento Alfonso’ at one side of it. This was a huge monument having enormous sculptures and fountains in it. Many tourists were rowing boats in the pond.


Me and Parik

We admired the views. Since it was quite hot we were in the shade for a while. This was a huge park comparable to Hyde Park in London.

We had heavy breakfast and decided to have lunch on our way to our next destination, Valencia. Well since we were bold enough to try something new and authentic, we decided to pick a place on the way by randomly pointing to a spot on map and going there to have lunch. I don’t remember where we went, but it was a very small village. We couldn’t see a single soul walking on street. Luckily, we found a restaurant which was quite big for that place. We went inside to have lunch. Not surprisingly, the waitress could speak only Español. With me being in-charge of conversing in Spanish, we could manage to place the order not completely knowing what we ordered (since the menu was in Spanish and the description of the dishes too). When the food came two of us were ok, while one was not. Anyhow, we ate the food. To this day, I don’t know what we ate. I guess that goes in the list of adventurous things that I did in life.

After lunch, we were back on the road heading straight to Valencia. We almost passed Buñol, which was our main events venue. We would return there the next day. We had our hotel booked a little outside of Valencia. We reached the hotel, checked-in and left for Valencia to reach around 8:30 in the evening.

The city vibe was different than other cities. May be everyone was in the mood of fiesta. Thousands of tourists come each year to Buñol for ‘La tomatina’ festival. Valencia being the closest big city with many hotels, the population swells a lot. Every where we went we saw tourists going around in groups, eating, drinking, dancing on streets, having a good time. The vibe was totally energetic.

We had some food at one of the food joint. Our friends from London, who were on a separate trip to Spain joined us to go to one of the clubs to see flamenco dance. Chirag found out that there was a place that offered discounted prices for Flamenco and drinks on Tuesdays. Cheaper prices are always welcomed. We went to ‘Radio City’ to enjoy the flamenco dance first hand.

I must say that was one of the highlights of our trip. The passion and energy of the whole performance was amazing. We were in front seats and it was almost like being on stage. The music was mesmerising and so was the dance.

DSC_0113After the performance, we stayed for a while for a drink and dance. It was midnight already; we went about on the streets of Valencia and were excited to take part in the main event of our trip the next day.

We went to the hotel to have a good sleep and to feel energised the next day. We would need all the energy the next day.

Some pics in this post were clicked by: Parikshit, Chirag

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