Spanish Fiesta: Day 6 (Barcelona)

We woke up late after a very exhausting day before and decided to take it slow. We had a good breakfast at the hotel and started a little late around 12 noon to Barcelona. It was a long drive and the tiredness was visible in all of us. We reached Barcelona around late afternoon and checked into our hostel. The receptionist there was quite helpful and interesting guy. He told us the places to go and things to do in Barcelona. We decided to refresh and head to town.

The place where our hostel was on a hill and there were quite steep slopes on which we had to park our car. We went to the port area of the town very close to the famous ‘La Rambla’. We went to see the ‘Museo de Historia de Catalunya’ (museum of the History of Catalonia) but we were late and it was closed.

So we saw it from outside. It is next to a port where a lot of yachts were anchored. The sun was setting, people were roaming in the setting sunlight and cool breeze were caressing our skins. It was a good feeling to be in Barcelona. We saw few street artists playing guitars, cello and other instruments and people enjoying the music.

We stayed there for a while and then started moving towards ‘La Rambla’.

We reached ‘Mirador de Colom’, which is a statue of Christopher Columbus pointing towards the sea. It had some good stonework done on the column. We took some photos.

Behind the column is famous ‘La Rambla’ street. Famous for its street artists, lots of souvenirs shops, a lot of tourists and the crowd. We felt that the whole of Barcelona was there on that street.

There were many restaurants along the way and a lot of things happening.

The energy of ‘La Rambla’ was amazing.

There were artists selling their artwork there too. Chirag purchased a painting as he always does on his trips. We saw street artists performing a lot of things and the crowd was just too much to handle.

We had some snacks to postpone the dinner and kept on walking and roaming around the many plazas. We saw the cathedral of Barcelona which was a gothic styled cathedral from 13th century. There was a modern art museum close by. We could just see everything from outside since it was quite late around 11 PM.

We had a quick bite and left for a castle at top of the hill called ‘Castell de Montjuic’ just to have panoramic view of the city at night. It was late and Chirag was quite drunk by that time and was acting weird.

Anyway, the views from the top of the hill at night were breath-taking. We stuck around for a bit and returned since it was late at 2 AM.

We had a comparatively quieter day and relaxed to get energised for the days to come.


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