Spanish Fiesta: Day 7 (Barcelona)

Second day in Barcelona, and we were excited to go to camp nou to see the club that I support. We reached camp nou after a quick drive and it was very difficult to get the parking space. It felt as if everyone wanted to see it. Of course it was home to so many great football players.

We purchased the tour tickets and started the tour. There were so many cabinets to display so many trophies that Barca had won in all these years. Historic famous events, their tickets, their memorabilia were all there.

We then went to the stands where spectators sit and watch football on matchday. We were greeted by a very familiar sight of the ground. We sat there for some time, clicked photos and imagined how it would have felt on a matchday.

There were golden boots, golden balls, shining cups and countless trophies. I guess they would have to extend the cabinets every once in a while considering how successful the club is in football.

We moved to the press conference room and to the players area and locker rooms. The facilities were amazing and Chirag made some of the tactics of his own. I don’t know how successful those tactics would have been. Anyway, we posed with a Champions Legaue cup and felt like Champions.

We then moved to the ground itself through the tunnel. I must say it would be a great experience to walk through the tunnel on the ground with thousands of supporters. We climbed back to the TV presenters’ room at the top of the stands to have a hawk eye view.

After spending some time in the stadium, we came down to the megastore and purchased some goodies. This was one of the great experiences on our trip.

We decided to go to the beach and relax for a while, so we drove to ‘Playa de la Mar Bella’, which is a famous beach in Barcelona. Of course there were many people there.


Mar Bella Beach

The whole life revolves around the beach in Barcelona.

We relaxed there as well and had few beers. We took a quick dip in the sea. Water was warm and there were not many waves. We spent couple of hours at the beach and were ready to go to ‘La Sagrada Familia’, which was not too far from the beach.

Sagrada Familia is the icon of Barcelona, a famous church designed by Antoni Gaudi. It is difficult to categorise the church to any style; it is unique. Modern and traditional blend so beautiful in it that you can just spend hours watching it. We did not have hours to spend so we gazed the beauty of the church from outside since it was too crowded to be finished in lesser time. There is always construction going on at the church and there was no exception to that.

We decided to go local using metro to reach ‘Casa Batllo’. This was another piece of artwork by Gaudi. These were apartments designed by Gaudi. The designs, colours, architecture were all unique to Gaudi’s style and were mesmerising.

We took another metro to reach ‘Plaza de España’ to see a musical fountain. We walked towards ‘Font Magica de Montjuic’ and it was getting dark and perfect time to see the fountain. There were many fountains on both sides of the road and they all were guzzling out huge amount of water.

We walked to the main fountain and hundreds of people were already there. It was quite difficult to get a good spot as people started gathering from a long time. When we reached the main fountain there were water droplets in the air. The fountain is very big and quite powerful.

We stayed there for a while but then started walking further to get a good view. Somehow we climbed a good spot giving the best view of the place. The colours and music of the fountain show was mesmerising and we spent good amount of time there to enjoy the show.


Musical Fountain


Musical Fountain

Around 10 PM we left the place and took metro train to our parking spot. We drove around the city for some more time before having dinner. This was a good day to finish on a happy note.

Note: Some pics in this post were clicked by Parikshit and Chirag

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