Spanish Fiesta: Day 8 & 9 (Barcelona, Montserrat, Zaragoza)

Our Spain trip was coming to an end, with this being penultimate day. We woke up to a sunny Barcelona, which is almost always the case in Barca. We checked out of our hostel. After breakfast we went to Park Guell.


View from Park Guell

This was built on a hill and had clear influence of Gaudi on the buildings in it. There were hilltops to see a panoramic view of the city. The edges were covered with multi coloured tiles and ceramics, indeed a great sight.


Park Guell


beautiful ceiling

There were many tourists as usual and everyone was posing and clicking photos everywhere. How interesting it is to see same faces sometimes on a trip when you just know them by faces and smile to each other. I saw few familiar faces that day.

Coming down the stairs from top we found that there was a house near the entrance to park. Gaudi designed it and we went inside to see it. It was unusual design and signature of Gaudi. With arch like ceilings, circular floors, blue and white colours inside, the house was very pretty.

When we came out of the house there were few artists and dancers showing off their talents. We spent few minutes watching them.


After leaving park Guell, we drove around the city for a while. Surprisingly, the weather became cloudy. We were heading to Montserrat, a Christian monastery near Barcelona.

The landscape was hilly and filled with rocks around Barcelona. This reminded me of Hyderabad in India, where I have lived for 3.5 years.

We drove through the mountains with cool breeze on our faces. The drive was pleasant and for a change no Sun was shining. The views were brilliant on the way and then we reached the monastery.

There is also a train which reaches there. This was a Christian monastery surrounded by mountains. I could imagine why this place was chosen; there was a surreal peace there.


View from Montserrat

The monastery was big and we stayed there for a while and saw the magnificence of the place.

As many people visit here every year, there were restaurants and shops as well. We had our lunch there thinking about our trip and how well it went.


Inside Church


DSC_0171Our night stop was in Zaragoza, which was a bit far from Montserrat, so we started for that. We reached Zaragoza after nightfall and went to the hotel straight away. There was an old lady at the reception who could only speak Spanish. After spending 9 days in Spain, my Spanish had improved a lot. I conversed with her asking about car parking, breakfast, check out time etc. and felt proud of myself. After just few online lessons in Spanish, I was able to at least understand and speak enough Spanish.

DSC_0174We wanted to end our trip with typical Spanish dinner, so we went to a nearby restaurant and had drinks and dinner. Next day was our last day in Spain and we were supposed to fly back.

Next day, we woke up and before dropping off the rented car to the company, had a drive around the town. We checked out of the hotel and dropped the car off at the dropping off location. There was not much to do that day as our flight was in the afternoon. Dragging our luggage on the streets, we reached the bus station to take the bus to airport. Before that we had a long and slow breakfast. We headed to the airport. I had mixed feelings of relief and anxiety. Relief that we were going home and were tired after a long and tiring trip; anxiety because the holidays were over and it will be back to the routine life.

Spain trip was the best trip I had till now. It had all the elements that make a trip unforgettable.

Good friends, delicious food, beautiful views and nice experiences, everything made that trip difficult to beat.

There is still a lot more to see in Spain and I hope I will go back again.

Some pics in this post were clicked by Chirag and Parikshit

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