During my trip to Germany in March 2011, I did some day trips to near by cities and places. Frankfurt was one such trip. I stayed with my friend KK in Koblenz and we were on this trip together on one Sunday.

The day before we went to Luxembourg and it was difficult to wake up early to catch the train to Frankfurt. But anyway we did it. I have been to Germany before in 2009 and the train stations are all modern and give the same feeling. Be it Munich or Frankfurt.

After coming out of the station, we marched towards the city centre and reached Willy Brandt Platz. There was a big Euro sign and big buildings surrounding it.

We moved to the tallest building in Frankfurt to have a panoramic view of the city. The main tower as it is called is a 200m tall building in the centre of the city which gives 360 degrees view of the city. Since it was a Sunday, the streets were pretty empty and even though we were in the business district, it felt ghostly with no one around. You get a similar feeling in Canary Wharf in London, on a Sunday.

We reached the Main tower and after getting the tickets reached the top by a lift. The view from top was breathtaking. It was quite open with no restrictions like many other skyscrapers have.


View from top of the Tower

We had a good view of the complete city. We could see the streets and places that we wanted to go. In my mind I was making a route of our walk 🙂 .

On Sunday, most of the places were closed. So we could see them from outside only. May be we chose a wrong day to come and visit, or may be Frankfurt is not a big tourist destination. In any case, we decided to do a walk around the city.

After coming down from the Main tower, we went to Alte Oper, a concert hall.


Alte Oper

We spent some time there and moved to Goetheplatz, which had a strange artwork on display on the street. Passing through St. Katherine church and Zeil we reached Konstablewache. A big plaza with a lot of people just relaxing and eating. All of these areas were for shopping with many stores and malls along the way.


After spending some time there we moved on to go to the Cathedral. A big red brick church which soars to heights. It has the German influence on its architecture. I have noticed that German cathedrals are very tall compared to others. I have seen it in Munich and Cologne too. We went inside the cathedral and gazed at the beauty that it was.

We moved on to Römerberg, plaza surrounded by traditional german houses. Colourful and attached to each other, the houses were adding to the hustle and bustle of the tourists flocking the place.



There were many souvenirs shops, we bought some stuff. After clicking pictures we moved to the river side and started walking alongside. DSC_0312

A river cruise was a good option to see the city from a different angle, so we jumped on to one. The cruise gave some history and told us about Frankfurt.

Frankfurt is a big city and a good city to live and work. But I got the feeling that it is not much of a traditional old European styled city. Not many palaces or museums. I may be wrong but that is the feeling I got from Frankfurt.



Frankfurt Skyline

We jumped back on train in the evening to go back to Koblenz.

P.S.: Some pics in this post were clicked by KK Dev

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